Presentation of GLONASS-GPS navigator for Lada cars

    Yesterday I went to the Moscow International Motor Show. He sat in the Audi Q7, Cayenne, Jaguar XJ and other interesting cars. And then he went to the AvtoVAZ stand - to look at what kind of animal it was, their GLONASS-GPS navigator for Kalin and Prior.

    Under the cut - a little text + photos of the interface and stand.


    If we ignore the fact that the GLONASS navigator was not integrated into the car, but was demonstrated only at the stand, then everything looks very interesting.

    The developers were caught in some framework - they could not change the design of the car. Such innovations are fraught with many approvals at various levels and, therefore, a serious delay in the start of mass production. The system presented at the Auto Salon will begin to be installed in Lada Kalina (“Lux” and “Super-Lux” equipment) and Lada Priora (“Norma” and “Lux”) by the middle of 2011.


    Everything looks like this. A high-resolution AMOLED display is installed in the dashboard between the tachometer and speedometer. The driver does not need to constantly look somewhere to the side, the navigator (and the on-board computer) are right in front of his eyes. If you want to look at the screen, you just need to lower your eyes a little ... Management is carried out using six buttons on the right steering column switch.


    It seems that controlling the navigator is wildly inconvenient, but it is not. It is inconvenient to type only the address of the point to which you plan to go, choosing letters with the buttons. Otherwise, no problem.


    The GLONASS-GPS navigator with the Navitel software was shown at the demo stand, but they don’t want to get attached to any particular supplier at AvtoVAZ. As planned, through the USB-input on the dashboard it will be possible to update not only cards, but also install other software. All updates, by the way, are free for three years from the date of purchase of the car. You can update it yourself (by connecting a laptop with pre-downloaded files), or in authorized technical centers.

    Regarding the coverage and detail of the maps, the press release says the following: “The coverage area of ​​the cards of preinstalled software includes 83 regions of Russia (road atlas and overview map) and more than 350,000 POI points. Maps contain an address plan for 1,500 settlements (with the accuracy of "home", including building numbers, fractions and buildings). Another 92 cities have a detailed road network and the search “to the street”. In total, 118,000 settlements of Russia are mapped. ”

    To summarize, I can safely say that I liked what I saw. Of course, it’s unusual to see an AMOLED display in the Spartan interior of Lada Priora or Kalina, but in terms of ease of operation, there were no complaints about the GLONASS-GPS navigator. Of course, a complete opinion about it can be made only after entering the mass sale, but now we can say that the beginning has been made, and this start is very good.

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