Anti-Service Center Servicephone

    I want to warn people, so as not to stumble upon this very organization.

    What happened

    My HTC Desire one day caught an update to the version of the Android 2.2 OS, which (update) led to the inoperability of the phone. On the Internet this problem has already been discussed, and was apparently connected with the incorrect version of the update that got on some phones. Specifically, he stopped seeing WiFi, a cellular network and an SD card, and rebooted every 3 minutes.

    HTC Service

    In HTC support, I was rightly advised to contact a service center where I had warranty service, since my phone was “for sale in Tanzania”, and, as explained to me in HTC support, the engineers of the Russian HTC HTC would still not were able to correctly reflash it back. At this point, my interaction with HTC support was completed.

    At the same time, I very well evaluate the work of the employee with whom I spoke, there was a clear desire to help solve my problem.


    But the guarantee center, to which I had the misfortune to be attributed, aroused and causes me a great indignation of their methods of work, and especially evasion of it.


    Over the past 2 weeks, I managed to get a good feel for the degree of accessibility of communication with this service center. Namely:

    At the address , as well as on the warranty card, the telephone number (single) is indicated, which is “DISABLED OR OUT OF THE ACCESS ZONE” on all working days throughout the day . This happens 1-2 times a week. On other working days, the phone is in this state for about a third of the working time, and with due diligence you can still get through.

    History of my appeal:

    On August 11, I took the phone to the Servicephone. There I handed it over to a girl (she is also a telephone operator, in general - the entire external interface of the company), indicating that the reason for contacting is “update to 2.2”, and that they simply need to return the phone to a previous version of the OS, or upgrade to 2.2 correctly, additionally saying that I have already saved all personal data.

    She went upstairs with him to the master, and returning, said that "this is a software problem, and the master cannot do this. " That is, this refused my warranty service, apparently in the hope that I would say “okay” and leave. And by the way, it would be better for me to do so then :) But then I thought differently.

    I had to put pressure on her, indicating that they are a guarantee center, and I have a guarantee case, and they are obliged to accept the phone, after which she agreed to accept it. Despite my request to indicate on the acceptance sheet that the cause of the problem (“the phone restarts”) was “OS update”, and all I needed from them was “reinstall the correct OS version on the phone”, this was not done . But she found a scratch on the corner of the case, which I would only see under a good magnifying glass, and introduced it under the proud name of “a chip in the lower part of the case”. Oh well, her right.

    Within 2 (two!) Weeks, I called the Servicephone every 2 days and received the answer “call back in 2-3 days”, although, as it turned out later, no one had been using my telephone until August 25.


    On August 25 (yesterday) I again phoned the “Servicephone”. They told me that “they’re just doing it, but they don’t know what to do with it (the phone), because you asked to save your data”, although I just the opposite, clearly said that the data was saved long ago.

    In the end, I was recommended to call back in a couple of hours, explaining that, probably, everything will be ready. But neither yesterday for the rest of the day, nor today, August 26, from the very morning their phone is again in the “DISABLED OR OUT OF THE ACCESS ZONE” state.


    I am deeply convinced that many of the problems of Russia and of humanity in general are caused by such an attitude to their work and to people, as in the "Servicephone" center. I, I hope, still get my Desire back soon, but how many more people can run into them like that?

    I think maybe HTC could do something about it. At least in terms of information, protect people from this danger.

    What do you think could be done to

    a) act on the Servicephone, maybe they can learn from mistakes?
    b) to warn people from contacting them (for example, I bought Desire in an online store, and did not know in which center the guarantee will be)

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