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    The idea of ​​writing this service came about after reading Many people use peer-to-peer networks. Someone has access to closed trackers. But there is always the problem of maintaining a normal rating. In order for your rating not to fall, such a resource was created.

    How it all started

    Very often, friends ask to download this or that from the trackers, because they either do not have an account there, or the rating is so low that it is no longer possible to download. For all this, they can’t distribute for various reasons: the upload speed is much lower than the download speed (asynchronous channels), they just don’t want to leave the PC turned on for distribution, the user’s provider “cuts” traffic related to torrents, etc. . For such users, this resource was created.


    This service allows you to put on downloading a file from any tracker. At the same time, the download speed is high enough for everyone to quickly download the file. After the download is completed, the user gets the opportunity to download a finished file from our server and the file is distributed, thereby maintaining the rating on the tracker.
    Distribution is carried out either until a certain time, or until a certain coefficient is reached.
    If there are several files, there are two ways to download files:
    • download each file separately
    • archive and download one archive

    Archiving tasks do not include achieving high file compression. It is simply an opportunity to combine all files into one large file. After downloading the file, the user can send the link to a friend so that he can also download the file without resorting to using torrents.

    A few screenshots of the interface

    Torrent list


    Data for the selected torrent


    list of files


    Data archiving


    The objectives of this project

    The goal of the project is to create a layer between trackers and users. The user can safely download the desired torrent. And after a while, download the file he needs directly from the direct link.

    Ways of development

    I would like to hear feedback and suggestions. We will try to develop the service on your feedback.
    Reviews will be accepted as in the comments, by email, via twitter.
    Now there is already some kind of API to the service. If it is in demand, software for working with the service will appear.


    For those interested, I can provide invites to change the type of account. at the most affordable .

    UPD: maybe it’s worth making the type of account “Mini” where the ratio will be more than 1?

    UPD2: distribution of free invites will end at 00:00 GMT + 2! All those who previously sent an invite request will receive.

    UPD3: Existing users are invited to test the updated service.
    Applications are accepted through: ICQ, Twitter, Habr (private messages).
    A small group of people will be allowed to test.

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