Bing - routes in Russia

    Actually, everything is in the title. This is not news, and many probably know about this opportunity. But for me it was a pleasant surprise. It is unclear why neither Yandex nor Google still have normal support for routes in Russia.

    When you need a map, Bing is usually remembered last. But they have a very good, visual rendering. Unless the fonts are a bit blurry.

    To build routes in our country, there are services based on Google Maps, for example this one . But it has a drawback - the map window is very small, and it will not work to print a large visual picture. The rest that were found are completely uncomfortable. Share it if anyone knows really good options.

    Update 1. Routes are built only between relatively large cities, and even then not always. And the second feature: sometimes you can lay a route in only one direction. For example, from Moscow to Tambov, but not back. But still better than nothing.

    Update 2 . Suddenly it turned out that can build routes

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