Google is preparing a search interface that allows you to see the results as you print a query

    Google is testing a new search interface in which the results are updated as the user types a query. Accordingly, the user does not need to press Enter or the "Search" button, since Google constantly displays the results of the current query.

    This is what it looks like:

    The new interface is not available in Google Labs, but you can try a similar one in  Google Alerts (write keywords, click “View results” and the results will be updated every time you change keywords). There is also Keyboardr  , a site that uses the Google AJAX API to display results after typing a request.

    UPD: darkfrei suggests that in May last year on Habré there was an announcement of such a service .

    UPD 2: another user noticed a change: when you go to the Google homepage and type your query, the search bar moves to the top of the page, and the search results are displayed below. To disable the new interface, there is a “turn off sreaming” link near the search bar.

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