Analyze this - 2. CMS market research in Russia 2009-2010

    imageCMS Magazine, an analytical portal for the web development market, in partnership with the rating project Runet Rating published a CMS market research . Main topics: trends and current market conditions.

    Continuing the tradition , we lay out the basic input data to give you the opportunity to draw your own conclusions.

    Let me remind you:
    1. Filter and group data by geography (country, federal. District of Russia, city) and “age” of CMS partners.

    For example , you can see what types of CMS Siberian studios use.

    2. Select several blocks of information for analysis at once. for instancewhich types of CMS and which specific systems are used by Moscow studios, which appeared on the market 2-3 years ago.

    3. Get a link to any generated report (see examples above).

    4. See information both in tabular form and in chart form (thanks to Google Charts :-)).

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