Free traffic in mobile Maps - for Megafon subscribers in the Volga Region

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Hello Volzhans!

Today, the Volga branch of MegaFon has joined our program to provide free traffic to users of mobile Yandex.Maps. Thus, MegaFon subscribers throughout Russia can now not pay for GPRS traffic when using and downloading the application.
A special version of the application with free traffic can be downloaded by clicking on this link from a computer or this one from a phone.
Once again, we will repeat several important things:
- The program itself was and remains free, regardless of which operator you have.
- If you are a MegaFon or MTS subscriber, then you do not pay for traffic only in the branded version (when downloading you should see the operator’s logo).
- Traffic is free only in the home network.
As before, the branded application is provided for the Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java platforms.

Mobile Yandex.Mart Team


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