Runetology (65): co-founder and director of technology and development of Yandex, Ilya Segalovich

    Ilya Segalovich - about myself and my work at Yandex, about the company's competitors and the training of IT personnel, about what is more important - the hierarchy or business, as well as how the development of social networks will affect the traditional search.

    Interview with a guest:
    • Money, fame and responsibility of Ilya Segalovich.
    • How much does Yandex make and how much does it earn?
    • Yandex history. What role does Yandex play for Russia?
    • Who are the most important people in Yandex?
    • Yandex is the dream employer. Where does Yandex take the frames?
    • Google, and the national search engine. Is Yandex afraid of competitors?
    • Search technology trends: Do social networks threaten traditional search?

    Discussed news:
    • Google closes the Wave service.
    • Vkontakte launched the geolocation service of the Place.
    • Alexander Voloshin will join the Yandex Board of Directors.
    • has developed the OMF standard for email.
    • Russian DST assets were valued at 5-6 billion dollars.

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