Competition. Entertainment of the future

    Russia met Augustus with heat and smog. This abnormal temperature deprived residents of normal work and normal entertainment. In general, everyone is now waiting for the fall and hopes that the situation will improve, because even the brain cannot function normally. But we believe in you and hope that you still have the strength and desire to participate in contests and receive prizes.

    By the way, in Ireland it is still more fun, they generally consider August the first month of autumn. But for us, not experienced by the Gulf Stream residents of Russia, August is the last month of summer, although not the most pleasant this year, but nonetheless - a month of relaxation and entertainment.

    Did you know that a distant relative of the great Caesar, Octavian Augustus, in whose honor this summer month was named, he loved science, wrote poetry himself, and his name even gave the name to an era that was known for the heyday of the sciences and arts of the Roman Empire.

    The August contest at is about this - what will be the rest and entertainment of the future. Perhaps now we will always live in smoke and in such heat, but we must somehow have fun.

    At the time of Octavian Augustus, gladiatorial fights were popular ( Bread and circuses !), At the time of Augustus of Saxony hunting and balls, at the time of the Mexican emperor Agustin Iturbide - carnivals.

    We all know how diverse entertainment has become in recent years. This is connected with the scientific and technological revolution, and with the collapse of the USSR, with the development of the alcohol industry, the entertainment industry, and, in general, with the evolution of mankind. So, we both know this and you do not need to be reminded again.

    It is interesting to assume how the people of the future will rest. Not your plans for a vacation at sea next year, but perhaps about how your children and grandchildren will be drawn.

    Write an essay about relaxing in hot chocolate geysers, parachuting on the moon. A good option is a trip to alien animals in the desert or listening to people's thoughts on Rublevka. The size and quality of the essay is limited only by your imagination and ability to the epistolary genre. So, everything is in your hands. Feel free to write!

    Post your work on the August blog .

    Dates until September 2, 2010 23:59 Moscow time (GMT +3).

    On September 10th we will post a short list, and on September 12th a list of winners is published.

    The prize fund is always interesting and varied:

    1st place
    Laptop ASUS K42JK (Core i5)
    2nd place
    Monitor 23 "TFT ASUS AS VH232T
    3rd place
    ASUS O! Play HDP-R1 Multimedia Player Go for it

    , be creative! And one of these gadgets will certainly become yours. Good luck

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