Dreams of the Ministry of Defense: Russia without LTE

    Roskomnadzor annulled its own decision to allocate a number of frequencies to Iota, the source of the newspaper Vedomosti reports .

    We are talking about a width of 20-30 MHz in the range of 2.5-2.7 GHz. Earlier in Iota, they announced that they intend to launch networks this fall in Kazan, and then in four more cities, and next year in about thirty cities only in Russia, not counting Belarus, Nicaragua and Peru. It was planned to launch all new networks on LTE. Under the cut - more about the conflict and who benefits from it.

    The conflict began with the initiative of the authorities (some interested parties) in the transfer of frequencies to the Ministry of Defense. As everyone understands, this makes no sense, LTE is a civil technology, because, unlike different methods of transmitting data from and to a satellite, the Internet connection is rigidly tied to base stations that are quite long and difficult to mount ( not to mention that it is expensive), so technology is definitely not suitable for military purposes.

    The State Commission for Radio Frequencies (SCRF) has previously given permission for the currently selected range - according to the law of frequency, a company receives this permission and, of course, has submitted an application for these frequencies. Only Iota had both. The decision to select the frequencies is associated with a “check” conducted by the mysterious “some officials”.

    It is clear that not all representatives of the authorities are interested in artificially (besides, so mediocrely covered up) delaying progress and placing sticks in all accessible wheels. Obviously, this is an initiative of stakeholders.

    Most actors have so far declined to comment. What do you think?

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