St. Petersburg mobile Internet in numbers and areas

    From July 1 to July 3, at different times of the day, the car of the Telecom Daily information and analytical agency traveled around St. Petersburg at an average speed of 30 km / h and measured the speed of access to the Iota network. The route was over 200 kilometers. Under the cut, an interested habruiser will see a real coverage map and find out if the game is worth the candle for his particular home or office. About the research methodology - there too.


    - average speed in St. Petersburg: 3.7 megabits per second
    - peak speed - 10.4 megabits per second Where Iota catches well in St. Petersburg: in the South-West (in the area of ​​Leninsky Prospect and etc. Stachek) and in the North-East (in the area of ​​st. Rustaveli). Where Iota in St. Petersburg catches poorly: in the metro area pl. Courage. According to the IAA Telecom Daily, in St. Petersburg there are now approximately 860 thousand active subscribers of mobile broadband Internet using USB-modems.

    Research technique for the most tech savvy :)

    During the study, we used a modem and a measuring system TEMS Invetigation
    8.2.5. The modem was installed inside the car without the use of external antennas.
    The following network performance indicators were investigated:
    - RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication) - Coverage
    - CINR (Carrier to Interference + Noise Ratio) - Quality
    - DL - Download speed of data to the user
    A city map for the DL indicator is attached. Blue is the best, red is the worst.

    Source: Telecom Daily

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