Master's Program in Bioinformatics, St. Petersburg Academic University (formerly AFTU RAS)

    The widespread transition to the Bologna system gives students the opportunity to change their university after receiving a bachelor's degree. However, few students think about this. In many universities, the master's program is very "sparse": there are many non-core courses (philosophy, cultural studies, etc.), but very few are specialized, and in order to pass them, you just need to appear on the exam / test.

    Those who still retain the desire to study, and are also interested in bioinformatics and have an education in mathematics and / or computer science, the Department of Mathematical and Information Technologies of the Academic University is inviting to a new master's program in bioinformatics in St. Petersburg.

    General information and admission

    For graduates of undergraduate and 5th year students of the specialty (when translating), training is free . For persons with a specialist diploma, master's education since 2010 is considered to receive a second higher education and therefore is paid. Especially for such cases, the university has a minimum tuition fee of 10 thousand rubles. per semester. Granted deferment from service in the armed forces. Nonresident hostel is provided .

    Entrance test - interview (you can skype). For those wishing to enter, it is recommended to immediately fill out the form on the department’s website (until August 1) to agree on the date of the interview.

    Any questions about the master's program in bioinformatics and admission can be asked here or at


    The program of special (bioinformatics) courses can significantly depend on the recruited group.
    General courses are taught at a fairly high level to all undergraduates of the department (20-25 people, including computer science and software engineering). For general courses, re-calculation is possible.

    5 course:6 course:

    Academic University

    About the existing master's programs of the department, as well as about the university as a whole, you can read in this announcement on the hub or on the official website of the department .

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