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    imageIn this post, I would like to share the experience of posting my application on three social networks at once, specifically about moderation. After all, all your months and even years of work can be thrown to the wind, if for example says that your application does not comply with the placement rules or, for example, the color scheme does not comply with the company’s policy (which is also quite likely). Yes, there are risks, but there are also profits! So the farmer earned $ 20,000,000 per year, you think, and for a couple of months with enthusiasm, with burning eyes, write something subjectively ingenious and very necessary for all lemmings.

    So your humble servant wrote, and went first to, because they do not like to give up the right to the first night, and they prohibit publishing the application after it was published in other social networks. CIS networks (fortunately now they have changed their minds). The process of adding is very simple and does not raise any questions. In general, adequately approaches moderation, the first time the application was wrapped up, asked to flash, a link to the official group. There were no more questions - it took about 2 weeks. In general, the moderation periods are surprising, given that has almost half of all revenue from applications. I understand that there are many who wish, but what prevents to hire more moderators, or to put more emphasis on post moderation.

    If thinks for a long time, but still does, then in, sending the application for moderation, you need to remember that they can simply forget about it. There was a third week of waiting, and I still decided to write to support and find out if any problems arose. As it turned out, you need to remove the word from the description, and literally a couple of hours after the correction, the application appeared in the directory. In general, support works very well in, you can easily write API developers and get a response or advice very quickly, but that's another story.


    It was they who encouraged me to write this post. Here the mixture of stupidity and bureaucracy reaches its zenith. I am spoiled by and, having heard that open the API for developers, I immediately throw on this virgin land and start eagerly delving into how to place my application. And then the hair on the head begins to move. First of all, you need to place your application in a sandbox (you just need to see it, it's something written in 4 hours). Next, after testing your application, you should ask the administration to transfer your application to a live site (continue tetating). To do this, you need to create a task in jira, you need to ask for the login password from jira by writing to support email, all these steps naturally require a total of about a week. And then the worst begins. We give it for moderation,

    Moderator: please remove the general chat in the application.
    Me: ok, (it took 4 days to implement, 2 days for the response of the moderator)
    Moderator: ok, remove alcohol from gifts.
    Me: no question (I think to myself: here ****, I clean it during the day, I wait two days for the moderator's answer).
    Moderator: ok, remove section 18+ from the application.
    Me: good (two days are spent on implementation, 3 days waiting for a response from the moderator).

    Another week of our fruitful communication passes, the moderator gives the green light, changes the status of the task and disappears. A few days later, another person unsubscribes in the task and says that before placing the application, you need to conclude a contract, send them scans, and send the original by mail. It takes some time to study the contract by a lawyer. I am sending documents, I'm waiting. The person the next day unsubscribes, changes the status of the task and says that they begin to plan the date of the application. Three days later, a moderator appears, writes that the requirements have changed, and your application does not correspond to them. Bottom line, the application did not pass moderation, everything was spent about a month.

    I would like to give everyone advice, carefully plan your business plan if is involved. Harsh people work there.

    The Reality Show application, which was moderated, can be viewed at at

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