In a new way

    You are most likely not a holistic being if we are talking about a thought process. Do you have logical things in life? And creative? And emotional? I am sure that everything is there. Is there something creative and logical at the same time? A bit, right? And something, where is full of emotions, creativity and constructivism? Hard to tell.


    Time to work in a new way: to be creative, to be logical, to be emotional. At the same time. So it is possible and necessary to work. You just need to synchronize with something where all this is present. You need to learn how to live and act. And the fact that you already tried (and did) this way - many years ago. That's it - when they were children. You were overwhelmed with feelings, you were full of creative ideas and all this was subject to unshakable (childish?) Logic. Plus, you didn’t have a break with the outside world. You heard, listened, talked and felt everything around.

    Return to this state. I promise you will invent new cloud computing. New binary trees. Ruby and Pearl programming languages. New web.

    No need to strain your brain until you lose consciousness. Open your eyes. Look at the trees. These are the most complex structures that a person is not yet able to recreate. Look at the stars. Count them! Nature is so complex that it requires tremendous processing power in your brain to understand how everything works. Launch these powers. Just look at the fern leaf. The brain will begin to create new connections between neurons. Brain cells will wake up to cover the whole picture.

    Now use this state to create something truly worthwhile. The fact that we all come in handy. Or just take what we always had, but we did not notice.

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