Free Internet in Mobile Cards - for MTS Subscribers

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In June, we announced the launch of the Yandex.Maps cooperation program with mobile operators. Today, Mobile Telesystems, that is, MTS, joined the program.

MTS subscribers from all regions of Russia, from Kaliningrad to the Far East, can download a special version of Yandex.Maps and use the application without paying for Internet traffic. In the joint version, all the features of Mobile Yandex.Maps are available, in addition to which MTS offers its services. In particular, the Locator service, which determines where your friends are at the moment.

The joint version of MTS and Yandex.Maps is available for the Windows Mobile, Symbian and Java platforms.

Download the app .

Last time we came across reviews that some subscribers left the account anyway. Why could this be happening? First, check if you have the correct version of the program. For example, a joint version with MTS is easily recognized by the presence of the MTS logo on the phone screen during application launch. Secondly, you have to have access point configured. Thirdly, it is possible to write off technical payments - for example, if your phone has a built-in GPS-receiver.

If you have a different operator, Mobile Yandex.Maps does not become a paid program. You pay only for traffic at the rates of your operator, as well as when using other applications that require access to the Internet, such as a browser.

And further. Of course, we remember about iPhone and Android users. Follow the news..

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