Street Wars or an attempt to create MMORPG VKontakte

    It just so happened that many developers dream of creating a full-fledged RPG in domestic social networks. The interest in this area of ​​games is understandable: a huge audience on the social network, it is easy to monetize and promote the product. True, few have managed to make high-quality MMORPG and promote it to an acceptable scale.

    Moreover, the quality issue is probably secondary. The main problem is the willingness of the audience of social networks to play such games. Already probably no one is surprised that everything that is more complicated than Zuma causes brain rejection in the average user. What can we say about full-fledged RPGs.

    Nevertheless, the developers are desperately trying to create something more than a commonplace walker farm .

    We invite you to observe the development of the project of our company INDEE Interactive"Street Wars . " In general, INDEE Interactive is known in the media circles as a developer of large interactive projects, but the social direction is becoming more and more interesting to us. It was originally done without a deep understanding of social mechanics, we were no longer making a social service, but a game. We just implemented what we ourselves would like to play and thought that this is the main criterion that will cause interest of other users. First of all, this can be seen on the pumping system - you do not need to call friends or invest votes to grow. It all depends on the player. In the game, everything is decided by the brain, not money. The ability to correctly calculate which staff to use will give much more advantages than a thick wallet.

    Street wars

    We became interested in what audience the application can get with a pumping system that is not inferior to the system in Gorky 17 (Odium), turn-based battles and a huge amount of weapons and modifiers (a kind of craft).

    As a rule, if the game involves extensive pumping, then in order not to frighten the user with a choice and not unnecessarily strain his brain, at the first levels you can choose from 2-3 practically identical stats. Another very common trick is not to let the user see things at higher levels - got level 6, get pants at level 6. We decided not to chat with users - in the store the player sees immediately all the weapons that are available in the game. And here the brain of an ordinary user should be torn to pieces from an abundance of characteristics, properties and limitations.

    I must note that the entry barrier to the game is very high. And this is paradoxical, plus and minus the game. The disadvantage is that in the game there remains, probably, 1% of those who entered for the first time. But then the percentage that has remained and figured out the game is people with whom it is pleasant and interesting to play. The question is whether such people are willing to pay, and if so, how much? The answer will show the time.

    It is reasonable to assume that we will gradually “render” and “socialize” the game to attract more audiences. Moreover, the first step towards this has been taken - until recently, the game was called "Squeeze Mobile 3". An attempt to attract the audience by jokes and banter about the gopniks failed, and an aggressive setting frightened away some users. The word “gopnik”, which was present in every second description, was completely removed from the game at the same time as the name was changed.
    Also now, in order to support the project, we began to post our mini flash games, which, as we plan, will become traffic generators for the main project - the practice is not new, but we are interested in trying it out. By the way, you can familiarize yourself with toys by the following links: To summarize, I can say that anyone can witness how a game designed for a thoughtful audience is fighting for survival in casual VKontakte. We hope a pretty fascinating sight should turn out.

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