The domain of the Russian Federation bends under any federal authority

    Today, July 13, 2010, the Coordination Center of the national Internet domain has notified all registrars of the sole decision to amend the Rules for the registration of Russian domains.

    Official appeal

    Dear colleagues,

    Voting in the CC Council is on the issue of granting the right of priority registration of domains in the RF zone only to those media outlets that were registered before May 12, 2010. See details below.

    Please immediately bring this information to your employees who are responsible for receiving and processing applications for domain registration in the RF zone.

    Detailed information:

    Yesterday, June 12, 2010, the Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Coordination Center for the National Internet Domain Domain” received a letter from the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor), which provides information on a significant increase in the number of applications recently for registration of electronic media. In particular, it is indicated that if in April 2010 3 applications for registration of electronic media were submitted to Roskomnadzor, then in May there were already 36, and in June 2010 the number of such applications increased to 900. Moreover, the majority of applications contain the names of the media, consisting of common words, for example - books.rf, flowers.rf, construction.rf and others.

    Roskomnadzor suggests that the increased number of such applications is related to the entry into force of the Regulation on the priority registration of domain names in a domain. The Russian Federation for certain categories of users (hereinafter referred to as the Regulation), and applicants who register mass media with common names have the goal of obtaining domain priority name in the domain.RF corresponding to that media name for unfair use, including for further resale.

    In order to prevent the possibility of obtaining the most popular domain names through the "streaming" registration of mass media, Roskomnadzor appealed to the Coordination Center with a request to amend the procedure for priority reservation of domain names for mass media.

    Fully sharing the concern expressed by Roskomnadzor, the Coordination Center held consultations with representatives of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media and Roskomnadzor, as a result of which a proposal was submitted to the Council of the Coordination Center for amendments to the Regulation regarding priority registration of domain names for mass media. Currently, the Council of the Coordination Center is considering the possibility of amending the Regulation regarding the introduction of an additional criterion for those media that can apply for registration of domain names in the domain. Of the Russian Federation in priority order. In accordance with the proposed edition of the relevant provisions of the Regulation, the right to apply for priority registration of domain names will be granted only to those media outlets,

    In order to ensure the rights of bona fide users, changes must be made before the start of the period of priority registration for the media, i.e. until July 15, 2010.

    The issue of introducing the following changes to the Regulation on the priority registration of domain names in the Russian Federation for the following categories of users was submitted to the Council's vote:

    1. Clause 1.4.5 of the Regulation on priority registration of domain names in the Russian Federation domain for the specific categories of users as follows:

    “ founders of mass media (mass media) registered before May 12, 2010 in the manner established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, the products of which are intended for distribution throughout the territory of Ross yskoy Federation. "

    2. To introduce amendments to the Regulation on the priority registration of domain names in the domain.RF for certain categories of users from July 15, 2010.

    Voting will take place during the calendar day on July 13, 2010. An additional message will be sent about the decision adopted as a result of voting.

    We apologize for the inconvenience arising from the short deadlines for considering the issue.

    Registrar Position

    All registrars act in the interests of their clients and in no way want to spoil the reputation of the domain zone of the Russian Federation. Therefore, the position of all should be one - lawlessness.

    We, the Netfox registrar, are exclusively against this practice.

    Firstly, this is a precedent. At the "request" of any body, any rules can be changed. Take at least the rules of RU domains, where to insert the desire of any authority to select domains. Remember and, which were selected by Decrees. It is time to create a clause in the rules that allows us not to disturb the President with such trifles.

    Secondly, it is the practice of the Coordination Center to resolve any important issues without the participation of registrars. It turns out that the opinion of the people, which is expressed through the registrar, is not taken into account in any way.

    The agreement between the registrars and the CC (as well as with the shopping center) does not contain conditions under which the Registrar would be an obligatory element for making important decisions. The current situation is inflated by the Council of the Coordination Center . This council includes completely different people, most of whom are not registrars (only one registrar is represented on the Council -

    Practice change

    The new chairman of the Committee of Registrars AB Kondakov, elected by the registrars at the beginning of this year, is trying to change the vicious practice of the CC by introducing a mandatory Regulation, according to which any documents on domains are developed and approved by the Committee of Registrars with their direct direct participation. But for half a year the promotion of the document in the CC has not reached the required level, it is quite possible because of the domain of the Russian Federation.


    The first consequence is the destruction of the reputation of the domain of the Russian Federation, as well as the domain RU. Imagine that at the request of any body they can change the rules not in favor of administrators? Moreover, none of the registrars can influence this decision.

    The second consequence is working with current customers, which are already thousands! These clients have already paid for the domain registration for the media, prepared all the documents and the day after tomorrow they hope to get their legal domain name. How can you explain to your customers that the RULES that were approved almost a year ago are changing in 2 days? In whose interests?

    In my opinion, there is lobbying for the interests of richer people who are trying to get the most delicious domains to auction. You know that on October 1 there will be no open registration? ( proof ).

    Domain name auction funds will go to Assistance Funds. In which - it is not yet clear. Auction documents are also prepared by the CC Board, not registrars. I hope you do not need to indicate the coincidence of the interests of some individuals?


    Every day we see how in Russian hosting, including domains, they drive nails. And not the users, but the service providers themselves. If hosting is more or less regulated by market relations, the activities of the Coordination Center are currently monopolized - they do not allow registrars to manage the entire system, or do everything to postpone it.

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