Lenovo invites to the demonstration races of Formula 1 cars in Moscow

    July 18 in the very center of Moscow will host a unique car show Bavaria Moscow City Racing . The legendary Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team will take part in it, it will be represented by the current world champion Jenson Button. Lenovo has been an official technical partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 2009. Lenovo's laptops, desktops and powerful workstations are used by the team both on the race track and at headquarters, and are involved in all operations: from design and engineering, and up to telemetry during races.

    Lenovo invites everyone to take part in this unusual event. And those hub users who already have a laptop or stationary PC Lenovo can get one of four tickets to the show for free. To do this, just leave a photo of your Lenovo computer in the comments on this topic. You can also leave feedback about your laptop or desktop computer: for sure other users will be interested to know the opinion of the owner. Winners, authors of the most original and unusual photos, will be announced on Thursday, July 15th. Good luck

    UPD Many thanks to all participants for the photos and great reviews. Winners, check private messages, please :)

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