World premiere of innovation from Vkontakte?

    “Vkontakte” finally realized the wishlist. Hurrah! This was to happen sooner or later. The discussion at the hub was not too stormy, but from various sources I hear enthusiastic exclamations about the "world premiere and innovation." Listen, maybe I missed something?

    Wish lists are a whole new round in the evolution of social shopping. We are proud that the world premiere of this innovative and exciting service is taking place in Russia ,” says Pavel Durov, VKontakte CEO.

    Let's get it straight. VKontakte did the obvious thing, traditionally lingering with implementation for years. Facebook and Amazon have been integrating over wish lists for several years now. Moreover, the openness of the interfaces of both companies allowed hundreds of developers of applications, stores, shops and even ordinary members of the social network to participate in meeting demand and generating benefits. (Facts and Figures - The Secret Company Magazine No. 9 (290) of 09/01/2009 ). Here, knowledgeable comrades suggest: VKontakte innovation is that you can chip in a gift from a wish list. Hmm. Offhand, the add-on , where this feature has long been implemented. (there, by the way, there is a couple of words in the FAQ about the refund, well, in case the person changes his mind and wants to refuse the gift)

    And if we talk about innovation, then, for example, Wishop . Come in whoever you want, sell on wishlists whatever you want. The service works with lists from “MSN My Desires” and “”, connects new sites, and any store or individual seller can get access to the wishes of the participants of these sites.

    What do you think about the world premiere of the innovative service “Desires” of the VKontakte network?

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