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Faced with the need to search for an advertisement for the sale of a car or just wanting to get an idea of ​​prices in today's automotive market, you can go to a kiosk for a newspaper or look for information on the Internet, for example, on Yandex.Avto. In any case, you either have to go for a newspaper or you You will need a computer with Internet access, which you also need to go to.

Now you are unlikely to surprise anyone with a mobile phone and mobile Internet. So you can get a cell from your pocket and find the answers in it. But not all sites are equally convenient to view through the computer screen and phone. In the latter case, there is a feeling that you are looking at a huge picture through a small window, which, you see, is an amateur.

We offer you the first mobile version of the Auto service. In it you can use the main functionality of the service:

  • Search over 650,000 ads in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan
  • get price statistics for a particular car
  • get acquainted with the prices of new cars in Russia and find official car dealerships

Now you can right away be able to reasonably talk about the reality of the proposed price for a car, check a guess about the cost of a car based on price statistics, or find out the location and contacts of the desired car dealership. And all this in a form that is convenient to view through the window of a cell phone - in the mobile version of Yandex.Avto

We fit into the screen - we save traffic.

Sincerely, Yandex.Auto Team


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