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Last week, we launched the updated Yandex.Dictionaries . You can read about the main changes in the launch announcement , today we want to talk about another significant change - a new affiliate program.

Over the past few years, there has been a lot more reference information on the network, so we decided to offer the owners of dictionary and encyclopedic sites a partnership with Yandex.Dictionaries. At the same time, we stop accepting publications under the paper book digitization program.

The new program assumes a new principle of cooperation - now electronic versions of dictionaries and encyclopedias published in the public domain on the Internet are added to a special search index. The search results for such resources for the user look the same as the usual Yandex search on the Internet: a brief annotation of the dictionary entry in the search results allows you to find out if the answer is suitable, and the reader goes to the pages of the partner site for the full text.

We invite to partnership both universal encyclopedic resources and those specializing in specific topics.
To participate, the site must submit an application using the special Yandex.Webmaster service form. There you can find out about the results of its consideration.

In addition, we ask program participants to add semantic markup to the pages of their site. Search by external resources is carried out taking into account this markup, which allows you to find the most relevant information and generate high-quality annotations to the search results. All details about the conditions of participation in the program and the rules for submitting an application can be found in the corresponding help section of the Yandex.Webmaster service.


The Yandex.Dictionaries team is waiting for you.


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