The Russian army through the eyes of an IT-person. Stress test Windows 7 guest account

    I did not have time to write the first post, as there was a reason to write another.

    The first three weeks in the unit, I was the "golden spirit." Nobody shook me, but I had to do everything. What is "rocking" I will somehow write separately, as the army-IT dictionary will consist not only of this word. But after the oath of youth, it became more and the opportunity arose to do something useful in their specialty. And I brought here a laptop with Iota.

    Having seen enough of the illiteracy of users and the abundance of viruses during the first days, the first thing I did was to include a guest account in Windows and take the word to never leave the laptop logged in and unlocked. Honestly, I thought it was impossible to get any shit out of the guest account from the Internet, but it turned out to be wrong ...

    When I saw an inscription in the browser that the computer was blocked for spamming, I immediately remembered this post . I logged into my account, went into the browser and it turned out that the infection only affects the guest. This put me in a stupor, as it meant that the hosts file was not touched, and the guest had his own settings for this matter.

    First I tried to disable the Guest account and enable it again. Did not help. Then I again turned off the guest account, but after that I took and deleted the “Guest” folder from “C: \ Users”. Activated it again and it worked! In principle, such an infection treatment scenario as the complete deletion of all guest settings completely suits me. But here is a sediment, the question still remains: where are the hosts' own settings?

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