5 weeks with Intel :: 2.0

    image    Last year we did an interesting campaign under the same name - well, when we talked interestingly about a particular area of ​​Intel's business, and then everyone could ask questions on this topic and quickly receive answers from specialists. Then there were 5 topics (on the topic for the week) - about WiMAX , architecture and application optimization , graphics , Intel development tools, and even something else - apparently, many liked it.

       It all seemed interesting to us too - to talk, communicate, get to know, give prizes. It was decided to continue the "tea party", with no less tasty buns.

    +This time there will again be 5 weeks and the scheme, in principle, will remain the same. Only here I still will not say topics - let there be at least a little intrigue and an occasion to connect to the company’s blog on Habré (to keep abreast of events).

       Although, according to my guesses, for sure, we will talk about the MeeGo platform, the CMPC netbook and something else interesting. And today I’m going to St. Petersburg to get interesting exclusive information from the Intel laboratory about the latest developments of the company - about programmable matter, about ... In general, stay tuned!

       Those who will take an active part in the discussions will be asked interesting and relevant questions, we will give symbolic prizes. Every week we will play a wonderful mouse Razer Mamba(+ an excellent carpet for it), and to the most according to the results of five weeks, we will present SSD disos . By the way, one of the winners of last year's “five weeks” recently won $ 10,000 in the Intel contest for developers - and you all swear at contests that advertising is advertising. And yet, I hope that prizes are not the most important thing;)


    1 week - " MeeGo, AppUp and the future of mobile development ." Winner - Labinskiy
    2 week - " Intel Labs Petersburg: Oleg Semenov about SoC, programmable accelerators and new algorithms ." Winner - Rule
    3 week - " Problems of a supercomputer in the middle lane ." Winner -VenomBlood
    Week 4 - " Multithreaded Application Development ". Winner - Alaunquirie
    Week 5 - " CMPC Education and Netbook ." The winner is still unknown;)

    [Boomburum] Well then, why am I so unlucky) Okay mouse, but at least you could find some very, most unnecessary to find? )) Shoemaker without boots - there is no justice in this world) [/ Boomburum]

    Thank you for staying with us - we will try to make it interesting!

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