Chatroulette introduces pattern recognition

    Video chat service Chatroulette has received a rather notorious refuge for sexual maniacs who are exposed on the air, shocking the interlocutors. Such a reputation could ruin a fairly promising startup.

    The “Abuse” button does not seem to help much. Therefore, it was decided to introduce an image recognition system on Chatroulette - it will allow you to quickly identify the image of the genitals and automatically block them.

    In addition, it is planned to install another system that will track users with unusually short chat sessions (because they are immediately disconnected by any person who sees this). Such users will be flagged as suspicious and possibly disabled manually.

    According to informed sources, the founder of the startup, Andrei Ternovsky, who has now settled in a rented apartment in Palo Alto, is not good at contacting potential investors and rejects most offers of help. If something is not done with the Chatroulette reputation, then the service may fall out of the promising niche of online dating.

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