Microsoft: the new slim Xbox 360 and LIVE in Russia

    On the eve of the promising E3 grand exhibition, Microsoft convened an inconceivable press conference in which it convened its own (as well as some other “not its own”) top game developers.

    On stage, such giants appeared in front of the audience, in a figurative, of course, sense, like Hideo Kojima, "chief_by_girzam" "Cliff Blezinski or, for example, beloved Peter Muline. Smiling right and left, the guests talked about their new products: some about future exclusives, some about “casuals”, and some about their new projects for Natal , excuse me, Kinect.

    But anyway, it was clear: the crown of the evening will be something more than the announcements of future games: it happened- Microsoft brought the world to the new Xbox. Reworked design, built-in Wi-Fi module, a complete set with a hard drive of 250 of those. "Mikey" said that the novelty goes on sale now_right_ now: after the end of the conference. That is, it begins to unload in stores. Accordingly, on the shelves an updated console may appear within a week. This is, of course, for the US market. True, you will have to pay the price of Elite after all: now it can be bought for the $ 299 that Microsoft asks for its new grandfather.

    For the "rest of the world," the price, just like the release date of the console, remains a mystery.

    But these are not all the surprises that Microsoft wanted to pamper. Rather, for the vast majority of countries, that's all. But for residents of Brazil, Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, South Africa and Russia, the Mikeys prepared a separate surprise: the launch of LIVE in these countries. Officially. The launch will take place (if it does) in the fall.
    Details? - A little bit later.

    UPD. Tips from the comments:

    1) The updated “Box” will appear in Europe on June 16th, and in British stores you can already pre-order hard-earned 199.99 £

    2) What is the difference between the new version and the previous one? According to Mikov, she has the following advantages:

    1. Design.
    2. Touch buttons
    3. Built-in Wi-Fi module
    4. Internal hard drive (the same one at 250GB)
    5. More USB ports, audio output port through optics.
    6. Kinect Ready (A special port on which data and power will be transmitted for Kinect. *
    7. Price

    * For ordinary, you will need USB + a second power cable.

    Thanks for the information Vovan145 , bruce and XaocCPS

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