Monetization of domains: partial lease

    I would like to discuss this issue, because the topic of partial domain rental has not yet been covered on Habré.

    The bottom line is that not so long ago at Mashable there was a story about a new startup ( Root Orange ) with a rather unique model of domain monetization - rent based on geographic location. It works like this:
    1) You are the owner of the Moscow online store The domain is not the best, but that was all there was.
    2) You go to the site (in the USA it is and look at the database of domains that are rented. After searching by keywords, you can find that domain can be rented.
    3) Since your store operates only within Moscow - it makes no sense to have the entire domain at your disposal - you can rent it only for Moscow IP addresses, for example, for only $ 30 per month.
    4) Thus - the user who came to from Moscow (by IP) - will see the content of your site ( Accordingly, a user coming from Minsk will see completely different content (if someone has already rented this domain in Minsk). In addition, you will be assigned the address in case there is a failure in determining the IP address.

    Everyone wins. The domain owner no longer needs to look for a buyer for $ 9999999 - the domain can begin to make money now. The tenant, however, benefits from the fact that he has a significant domain for his region, paying only a small rent.

    Particular features of domain leasing:
    - the position of the main site ( in search engines rises - all tenants benefit from this, because they don’t need to promote each of their sites separately
    - prestige - on business cards the tenant can write
    - it’s more profitable to “ park ” the domain
    - inaccurate determination by IP. For example, in Ukraine there is an Internet provider on which subscribers from all cities of Ukraine are sitting, but to all users it assigns a Kharkov (if I'm not mistaken) IP address
    - if your visitor has moved outside your region (although you have in this case) - he will no longer see your site in place of
    - it is best suited for domains with integrated, generalized keywords (advokat. ru,,, etc.)
    - suitable only for sites that need local audience reach.

    So, I would like to hear the opinions of both domain owners and potential tenants.
    1) What are the pros / cons?
    2) Will this model be in demand in Runet?

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