Russian team at international competitions in underwater robotics

    If the robot is equipped with appropriate manipulators, then it can easily do something under water - screw and unscrew, cut and weld, deliver goods down and raise to the surface. And do it for hours - he is not afraid of high pressures, decompression sickness and hypothermia.
    Increasingly, robots are attracted to the construction, inspection and repair of facilities under water. Such as gas and oil pipelines, submarine cables, oil towers, dams, bridge supports. Specially created devices are used in the nuclear industry to check and carry out simple work in radioactive water tanks. And, of course, for a visual inspection of the berthing facilities and the bottoms of the vessels.
    In addition, there are international competitions among student teams in underwater robotics, in which the Russian student team has successfully performed since 2008.


    Annual international student competitions in the ROV class

    Over the past decade, interest in the development of uninhabited underwater vehicles has grown incomparably in the world. This is due to significant technological progress in the field of underwater robotics and a significant expansion of the range of tasks solved with the help of underwater vehicles. Many developed countries, especially those with access to the sea, invest significant financial resources to create their own technical developments in this area.

    One of the activities in this direction is the search for new technical solutions and attracting talented youth to this section of knowledge through the creation of student teams and national and international competitions in different classes of underwater vehicles. The goals of the competition are to provide opportunities for talented youth to prove themselves, and for professionals to evaluate and pay attention to it.

    Massachusetts Naval Academy Pool (USA) - ROV Class Student Competition Venue (2009)

    In June 2009, the USA hosted the eighth annual international student competition in the class of remote-controlled underwater vehicles - ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), which are held under the auspices of the international organizations MATE (Marine Advanced Technology Education) and MTS (Marine Technology Society). Initially, the competitions were national, only teams from the USA participated in them, but already in 2006 they were assigned international status. Over the next four years, teams from Canada, Pakistan, Scotland, China, Iran, Japan and Russia came to the competition.
    Every year the scale of the competition increases, in 2009 the number of teams that took part in the competition (including regional ones) exceeded 300. And this is several thousand active students and schoolchildren from all over the world who are passionate about underwater robotics.

    Underwater robotics team training

    A team of students from the Far Eastern State Technical University and the Far Eastern State University (IFIT, Department of Underwater Robotics) who completed their internship at the Institute of Marine Technology of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was organized at the end of 2007. This team was divided into two parts, one of which developed the mechanics of the underwater vehicle, and the second - the electronic-software complex. Each direction was supervised by experienced mentors from among the employees and graduate students of IPMT.

    Team members in the process of designing and developing an underwater vehicle

    Students were given an introductory course on the basic principles of underwater robotics, which included the following questions:
    - types of uninhabited underwater vehicles and the structure of their systems;
    - hull system and materials used for it, buoyancy control;
    - propulsion and steering complex and energy supply;
    - motion control system and navigation of underwater vehicles;
    - measuring sensors and imaging systems in the information-measuring complex of the underwater vehicle.
    In June 2008, a student team of Vladivostok with a developed remote control called "Junior" first participated in the international competition "MATE International ROV Competition" (San Diego, USA) and was recognized as the best among beginners, and in Explorer overall ranked 8th out of 28 teams.
    In June 2009, the student team for the second time represented Russia at the international student competitions in underwater robotics “MATE International ROV Competition 2009” (Boston, USA). In total, 28 teams from 5 countries of the world (USA, Canada, Great Britain, China and Russia) took part in the competition. The team participated with the reconstructed submarine "Junior" and took fourth place.

    The team after the announcement of the competition results

    Underwater vehicle "Junior"

    In the video you can see the progress of preparation for the championship and the performance itself.

    Currently, preparations are underway for the MATE International ROV Competition 2010.
    This year, a new Junior-2 apparatus is being manufactured to participate in the competitions. But more about that in other topics.
    Unfortunately, the team leader moun is now very busy preparing for the championship.
    But his plans include broadcasting from the competitions themselves.

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