Free wireless internet in Peterhof

    Universal telecommunications operator OBIT has deployed its own WiFi network on the territory of the Peterhof State Museum-Reserve. Now all visitors to the Lower Park will be able to use free and unlimited time access to the Internet using a laptop, smartphone or PDA. The project is implemented free of charge.

    During the construction of a WiFi network in the museum complex, D-Link equipment was used as wireless access points. In total, 2 WiFi repeaters have been installed to date, in the future their number will increase to 20.

    In addition, on the roof of the Eastern Voronikhinsky colonnade, OBIT installed a webcam that broadcasts online Samson, the fountains of the Grand Cascade and the Grand Palace. Broadcast image is made around the clock. You can see the online broadcast at:

    The news is completely on the official. website:

    This is very cool, comrades!
    After several more cameras are installed, everyone can see the charms of Peterhof.

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