Computer storage

    I think many people remember Mitsum keyboards with a groove (see photo), where it is so convenient to put pens, pencils or small cogs when you take apart something at the table. I love this groove and always use :).

    I admired, admired the keyboard and thought, damn it, but if you add “capacities” for various light little things to other stationary parts of the computer, what a convenience! We have a monitor and a system unit (in principle, also speakers). They move very rarely. It is quite possible to build in some containers for flash drives, disks, wires, adapters, memory cards, pens, leaflets - all that the average computer technician is lying around the table. For example, small drawers at the bottom of the monitor, or pockets on the back. And the system engineer asks to add some drawers, taking into account its shape. For example, slightly increase the height and make something like a chest on the top of the block. It would be very convenient to store disks there (now they are just lying on my system and dusting).

    In general, the idea is launched into the noosphere, in the near future I am waiting for implementations from manufacturers :). The maximum that I saw is the built-in harness behind the monitor to attach wires to it. In the meantime, maybe you will offer your ideas how to embed some convenient container into a monitor or system unit?

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