Microsoft office in Moscow

    Some time ago, Dmitry Kazarin ( kazarindn ) managed to walk with a camera almost throughout the Moscow office of Microsoft.
    Including the upper floors, where, according to safety rules, only employees are allowed.

    Therefore, I propose to take a short walk with him in this wonderful place.
    In addition, we recorded a podcast with a Microsoft employee ( gaidar ) about how this office works.
    Gaidar is responsible for the Web at Microsoft, so the podcast turned out to be doubly interesting.

    The office itself is located in the Krylatsky Hills business park ., which runs a free minibus from the metro station Krylatskoye. You can’t take pictures on the territory of the business park itself (in Microsoft itself you can freely take pictures on the first two floors). Each of the 4 buildings has its own name, corresponding to one of the elements: Water, Flame, Air, Earth. Microsoft occupies half of the building called Water.

    Entering any office, the first thing that catches your eye is the reception:

    In general, the design of the entire office is subordinated to the people_ready advertising company, so you can see these people around the room:

    Looking around you can see the waiting area and stands with brochures, awards and Microsoft products:

    In addition, there are meeting rooms on the ground floor (there used to be computer classes, but they moved to the Microsoft Innovation Center), Windows 7 Café:

    On the other hand, there is a large hall in which, for example, a meeting of the Moscow community of .NET developers ( ) or the Moscow final of the international student th Imagine Cup competition (link to ). Due to some event, this hall was divided into 2 such parts:

    The projector control panel and not only it:

    Someone with a small buffet table:


    above all, a wardrobe: If you look at the Microsoft office from above, you can conditionally divide it into 4 parts: blue, red, green, yellow - as on the Windows logo .

    A staircase leads to the second floor with a good view of the space near Windows 7 Cafe:

    On the second floor there are meeting rooms:

    And an ATM: The

    floors above are for employees only. They're alike. Each has 1-2 kitchens:

    (behind a glass door - a smoking room)

    Recreation areas:

    First aid zones:

    And again the meeting rooms:

    By the way, about the meeting rooms: each of them has its own name:

    In addition, they have trash cans that look a bit like R2D2:

    Open Space:

    (From here they manage programs for working with students, including DreamSpark ( ))

    You can see employee awards:

    Posters left after ReMIX 2010:

    Wardrobe for employees:


    But the most interesting thing was waiting there is a very important instruction in the toilet:

    Having risen to the 6th floor ...

    ... go to the balcony: You can

    leave the room without a badge, but you cannot enter. Thus, you can exit to the balcony without problems, but return to the building ...

    Going downstairs, we look into the dining room (it is not located on Microsoft’s "territory" and you can’t take pictures in it, but ...):

    (view from the second floor)

    And at the end Some photos:

    Thanks to Dmitry Soshnikov ( shwars ) for the opportunity to photograph the office.
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