Vkontakte open media player


    I want to introduce you to my open source development - Vkontakte Open Media Player, which allows you to conveniently watch movies and TV shows from a contact with a choice of quality (meaning video resolution, not rip quality, although it is often indicated :)).
    A bit of detail inside.

    What for?

    It all started with the fact that at one point on my favorite site for watching TV shows there were no new episodes, although they seem to have already been released and even translated. Shortly before this, Vkontakte.ru announced that they now have video in HD. Well, I got to see if these episodes were there - and they were, and even in a decent 480p. It became clear that millions of users of VKontakte download new series faster than the administrators of cozy sites with series (a kind of crowdsourcing turns out :)). There is one problem - there is no cataloging.


    Finding a database with movies, TV shows and your APIs turned out to be a dead end - those who have Russian names in their databases do not have an API and vice versa. Friends showed an excellent base - Kinobaza.TV . I contacted them and they promised to make an API. At the moment, it does not repeat all the functions of the site (such as advanced search, for example), but I really hope that we will continue cooperation. Thank you very much for the resources :)

    What is actually happening?

    After about a week of development, I got something like this application:

    It was written on Actionscript 3 + Flex SDK using Adobe AIR, therefore it will work under all three OSs: Win, Linux, and Mac. It can beautifully show information about movies and TV shows, search by name, and show the video found on VKontakte (so far the user will have to take on the role of the filter, but I'm working on it :)).
    This is an open source project under the GNU GPL v3 license, so if you have a desire to help me or somehow change it for yourself - I will only be for :)

    And all

    Well, of course, links:

    Project page of the project
    Twitter Project
    tumbler of the project

    Wishes, glitches and other things can be left in tickets in Google code. I hope someone come in handy :)

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