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    Many hub users probably had a communicator, which they abandoned in favor of a regular phone. For me personally, the main reason for abandoning the HTC P3300 was the shockingly slow recording speed of a new phone number for a random pretty stranger. You’re standing in front of a girl, filling in the fields with a stylus, you feel like a complete idiot and, God forbid, make a mistake at least once — you can’t even count on the next meeting.

    Now I have a completely simple Nokia 2330, which I charge only once a week, instead of the daily battle for the battery on the device. This phone solved my problem, but the functionality somehow was not enough.
    How can I extend the functionality of a mobile phone without any knowledge of Java?
    That's right, you need to make a very simple and convenient web application, which, by the way, will work on any phone with the Opera mini or Opera mobile browser, since there are many of them.

    One fine day, I decided to go to one wonderful country, where they speak Russian poorly, but speak English fairly well. But since my spoken English is far from ideal and I can only communicate with local ones on my fingers, I had to either take a thick Russian-English dictionary or rely solely on luck and adaptability. The option to take a communicator, the battery of which runs out in half a day of active use, was not even considered.

    Solved! You need to find a service for convenient and, most importantly, fast translation of texts from English to Russian, and from Russian to English. I poked a few mobile sites, but on average it took 5 clicks to translate the text in two directions. I think most of them used mobile services and know how long it takes to initialize one request.
    No, this is definitely not my way, so again I will feel like an idiot, like with that girl at the beginning of the article, poking in the browser with the words “One moment please! Just another moment! ".

    If you want something done well, do it yourself.
    My goal was to minimize the number of clicks needed to translate.
    Here are the theses I got:
    • No need to give the opportunity to choose the languages ​​of translation (this can be left to the big brothers-translators);
    • The service is tailored for a Russian-speaking audience, which means that translation from any language can only be into Russian.

    Based on the theses, it became clear that:
    • The interface is one field and one large button;
    • These endless large fields should be on the main page. And not somewhere below, under the thickness of the advertising mass, like some (angrily poke a finger at competitors), but at the very top of the page;
    • Translation is made from any language into Russian, and from Russian into English;
    • The language into which you want to translate from Russian can be replaced with any other language from this list by specifying something like: t2ru.com/?lang=fr in the address bar

    It was decided to make the translator itself based on the Google Translator API , thanks to which I implemented a prototype in just the evening. Well, then the matter remained for small: domain, hosting (by the way, thanks to Alexander Beloglazov for the kindly provided site), a little meaningless and merciless layout for mini opera. And now the project is ready.

    In general, initially, the service was conceived solely to meet its own needs and was not intended for general viewing.
    The project is completely non-profit and is by no means going to become one. This is all to ensure that I would be just happy if someone else with similar needs needed such a wonderful simple and convenient service.

    Actually, the link for the inattentive and lazy

    UPD: Thanks for QR YasonBy

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