Russian law in your iPhone


    Following the launch of a legal reference system on the Internet , we seriously thought about users who might find it useful to access regulations in places where there is no computer. And they decided to create an analogue of the help system that can be used on the iPhone. In the first version of our system, all codes and federal laws are available to the user, with the possibility of updating via the Internet.

    Download the application here



    In order to start using the system on an iPhone, you need to register. Accordingly, if you already have an account in ATP "" use it.

    After a simple registration procedure, the contents of the system will become available to you. On the main screen you can see the main sections: news of Russian and foreign law, codes and federal laws, as well as selected and updated documents online.



    When you first install the help system, more than 1000 documents are already available to you . Among them are codes and federal laws, access to which can be obtained by clicking on the corresponding icon. To quickly find the necessary document, you can use the search by the name of the document. However, as you know, a large number of new documents and changes appear every day, so that you always have fresh documents at hand, you just need to use the “Updates” tab and upload new documents in whole or selectively one at a time.

    View Document


    In order to leave as much space as possible for viewing the document, we hide various official information about it. To move between articles you need to scroll left-right. Use the table of contents to jump to the desired article. At the same time, for convenience, on the right side there is a quick navigator for article numbers. If you know a specific article number, select a quick jump to the desired article and enter its number.



    One of the main possibilities when viewing a document is to add to favorites parts or all of the document. In order to add the selected paragraph to your favorites, you just need to click on it 2 times. All selected documents, as well as news, are available in the “Favorites” tab.

    Legal News


    In addition to regulatory documents, you can also familiarize yourself with legal news specially prepared by the editors of the online publication . For ease of viewing, you can increase the font size of the article, or add it to your favorites to re-read it a little later.

    What's next?

    I would like to note that this is the first version of the help system for the iPhone , so we will be very happy for constructive criticism and suggestions in order to implement them in future versions. Especially since the next version is expected - online synchronization of favorites between the help system and its mobile version, the ability to search the database of documents, various interactive services and directories.

    And separately it is worth paying attention that the help system "" for iPhone is absolutely free , and requires only registration.

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