Yandex.Direct. Shoemaker without boots or how to evaluate the quality of an advertising agency

    The easiest way to evaluate whether to trust the development of a studio website is to look at the quality of its website.
    Absolutely similar in context. If the company is not able to correctly configure its own RK, then there can be no talk of any effectiveness of its work for customers.
    Let's do a simple experiment.

    We take some simple thematic query, in our case, “advertising on the Internet”, go to the Wordstat, look for garbage queries in the semantic core, since there are enough of them.
    For instance,
    реклама в интернете бесплатно 3228
    интернет реклама книги 445
    заработок в интернете просмотр рекламы 346
    исследования интернет рекламы 167

    Which in total gives us about 4000 blank impressions. Let me remind you that any empty display of an ad to a target audience is detrimental to the advertiser's wallet, because it leads to a decrease in CTR and, as a result, an increase in the cost of a click. Clicking the wrong audience is even more harmful - because it’s wasting the advertiser’s budget.

    So, we analyze the output according to the initial request

    And we analyze the requests with the inclusion of any garbage.

    Conclusion: it is better for the “specialists” of companies 1 and 2 to look for another job and not continue to carelessly merge their clients ’budgets.

    PS If the details are hard to see - screenshots in normal resolution are here

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