We are preparing quick links in Yandex

    A few years ago, SEO was simply to optimize the site, after optimization they began to do less, and promotion began to come down to buying links. And unfortunately, few of the optimizers went beyond bringing the site to the TOP for certain requests. But besides the fact that the site can be brought to the TOP, you need to get the most out of these positions.

    If you look at the Yandex search engine, today any optimizer has several tools to increase the number of clicks from search results. We list them:
    - The title, which is issued upon request and is a link to the site. Better when human-readable text with the entry of the request;
    - Snippet - this is the text issued as a description of the link to your site in the search results. It can be noted that the snippet was one of the first, if not the only effective tools that optimizers had since the dawn of SEO;
    - favicon. Yes, the usual favicon increases the number of clicks on your site, makes it more attractive in the list of results;
    - The address of the organization with a link on the map (more often for commercial sites, stores, when there is where to invite);
    - Quick links are a short way to important information on your site.
    Image taken from Yandex website .

    It is about quick links and I would like to talk about who uses and who does not? My “recipe” on how to prepare quick links is based on Yandex help and personal experience. According to my observations, the site’s CTR (the number of clicks to the site from the search results for a single query) rises to three times for the same positions if it has thematically correctly composed quick links.

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