Retweet for Buzz: Reshare

    What communists all Buzz users talked about a lot and insistently , happened (Hurray!). Good Corporation quickly listened to the opinion of its users that in the case of Buzz it was already the second time (and in the case of AdSense it sometimes did not happen at all).

    Reshare for Buzz:

    Buzz reshare link

    With Reshare, in addition to the quoted post, you can add something from yourself:

    Buzz reshare field

    As in Google Reader, a counter appears for people who broadcast the news further.

    Buzz reshare counter

    This is the last "burning" functionality that was missing. Pretty quickly, Buzz caught up with and overtook twitter for my benefit. Exchange of information (longer than 140 characters) with people, not just strangers and strangers, but friends, colleagues, like-minded people, from whom you get meaningful comments - this is very cool. As well as the fact that you do not need to install a separate client to use it, but the bookmark with Gmail is already open most of the time.

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