Hivext cloud platform for web development

    For readers, it’s no secret what cloud platforms are and what they are intended for. The topic has been repeatedly considered. Hivext Platform is one such cloud-based platform for developing Internet applications, but with a different “projection” compared to GAE, Azure or Amazon.

    In April, at the all-Ukrainian conference Codecamp 2010, on the topic of modern software development technologies, the report on Hivext took first place according to the results of the audience’s vote.

    We continue to develop the platform and want to talk about those achievements and developments that have appeared recently.


    • About the platform
    • Development in Java, server-side SSJS, and client-side JavaScript (HTML, CSS, XML, etc.)
    • Clients for ActionScript (Flash, Flex), J2ME Developers
    • Solution library
    • Immediate plans

    About the platform

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    In short, Hivext cloud platform as a service (PaaS)

    Free quotas without changes

    Development in Java, server and client JavaScript (HTML, CSS, XML, etc.)

    Now in the Hive IDE (integrated online development environment on the Hivext platform) you can program not only server-side Java and JavaScript (SSJS), but also develop the client side of applications in JavaScript, HMTL, CSS, XML.

    Many developers are constantly writing alert (“hello world”) in SSJS. This will not work since SSJS is designed to write server logic and does not have access to DOM objects located on the client side. To do this, you need to create a JS script in resources, it will just be executed on the client (see the picture).


    In the picture you can see that server scripts can be bundled, useful for structuring.

    Clients for ActionScript (Flash, Flex), J2ME Developers

    Now for developers on ActionScript (Flash, Flex) and mobile applications on J2ME, working with the platform is as easy as with local libraries. All method calls are syntactically no different from a local call, you can use all services of the Hivext platform, for example, authentication (supported by Google, Yahoo, Yandex providers), work with a database (create tables and records, make selections by criteria, etc. ), execute server scripts, etc.

    ActionScript (Flash, Flex) developers
    Download here

    J2ME developers
    Download here

    Solution library

    The platform has such an interesting feature as application cloning. The application (if allowed by the owner) can be cloned (copied) by other developers. Clones settings, scripts, types and objects (entire database), resources (all statics). Based on this feature, the “Solution Library” works. Now the Library contains application templates for social networks Vkontakte, Facebook. Examples of programming in server-side Java and Javascript, a template for interacting with a database and a template engine. If you make an interesting decision on the platform, it will also appear in the Solution Library.


    Immediate plans

    • PHP implementation
    • Extension of the “Solution Library” with new applications
    • Thanks to the wonderful development of Tomcat Spring Insight, you can quickly and easily find bottlenecks. It is planned to make it possible to turn on debug mode and monitor the load and bottlenecks in their applications in real time.

    Also a lot of bugs and flaws are closed both in the platform itself and in the Hive IDE.
    Including this

    More themes added in the Hive IDE

    In addition to the default theme, it can be such.


    Write, we are glad to cooperation and new developers!

    UPD Added a picture of application activity on one node.
    Life is boiling :)

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