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       More recently, we did a contest of articles entitled “A future without disease and death ” - the result exceeded all expectations and more on that later. Looking ahead - the topic turned out to be very complicated, so we decided to let our customers catch their breath by making a new and very simple anniversary photo contest (the tradition of giving a laptop every month has been preserved).


       Under the cut, some visitors with genuine joy will see themselves in the lists of winners, and for everyone else we have made a small selection of links to the most interesting of the submitted works. Get your e-readers - today there is something to download and something to reflect on.

       Contests on TrendClubthey become more interesting once in a while and victories require more brain activity - it’s not for you to collect labels with covers and send SMS messages from work phones. There were a lot of competitions: simple, funny, creative ... but this April one turned out to be all at once - creative, complex and, as it turned out, very serious. As it turned out, the topic of immortality worries a lot of people, but, as it seemed to me, not everyone has an idea what to do with this same immortality if it suddenly appears. Apparently, from this ignorance and the absence of any goals in this situation, many participants had some gloomy pictures about the future that they painted in all colors. Well, as it will be in reality - time will tell, but for now - it was nice to read different points of view, even if we expected something brighter and more positive.

       By the way, it is worth noting the fact that we were surprised by the number of submitted works (as many as 257 pieces!) And the number of comments to them (in total - more than 5,200) - this only indicates that the contest topic was really not only interesting, but also offensive " for the living. " And this, you know, is exactly what I wanted - because the project was created for that purpose, not only to think about the future, but also to see ourselves in this future.

       The virtual pedestal was taken by three authors, whom we are waiting for more than real prizes. Pay attention to the difference in points at the photo finish - they go literally nostril into the nostril.

    image1st place : Biomega autobiography by Stas ( Biomega ) Lipin
    Prize - ASUS K52Jr laptopon the brand new Intel Core i5 processor.

    image2nd place : The story " An excerpt from the diary ... ", author Roman ( rscout ) Sinetsky
    Prize - network media player ASUS O! Play HDP-R3 .

    image3rd place : Funny opus “ Targettariff , author Anton ( winkman )
    Prize - ASUS RT-N15 router.

       All other participants included in the top ten finalists receive incentive prizes. Their equally interesting works are: “ 271st ” (available in mp3), “ Three Stories ”, “ Tales of the New Time ”, “ Void ”, “The path of development "," 200 years in the void, or ... "and" Immortality - is that all you can do? ".
       Victory is, of course, good and pleasant, but to make winners all worthy by no means seemed possible. On the other hand ... we hope that in prizes alone the light does not converge - after all, being heard, causing serious discussions and giving rise to thoughts and thoughts in people's heads is something that you can’t buy in more than one store. Therefore, in a separate paragraph, I would like to recommend reading these free works in my spare time: “ The Tale of the Rejuvenation Potion ”, “ About Eternity ”, “ 160 Years Later ”, “ Singularity ”, “ Psychology of Immortality.” Myths and Fears"," The right to die "," Death, do not touch my drawings! "," 2102 "," Die, Russian ... "and" The Test of Eternity . "

    And here is how our distinguished jury commented on the participants' work:


    Danila Medvedev

       Russian public figure, philosopher, futurologist. Member of the Coordinating Council of the Russian Transhumanist Movement. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Russian cryocompany KrioRus :

       It can be seen that the authors who made it to the finals tried very hard. As a person who has been working on this issue for the past several years, I undoubtedly see all those issues that have already been repeatedly resolved in the course of learning about this topic, disputes at seminars and online. Unfortunately, I did not see anything new in the works. Somewhere, technological freedom and conflicts born in society are well revealed, but there is no artistic aspect. In many works, anti-scientism, suicide, and emotional emptiness predominate. In some there is propaganda of esoterics incomprehensible to the authors themselves, or a contrast of concepts that are on completely different planes and which cannot be compared at all, or even their substitution. And the overall impression of the work is rather gloomy. However, the positive fact is that that people overcame some psychological barrier, and seriously thought about old age and death. And this is undoubtedly a plus.


    Alexey Turchin

       Global catastrophe expert, author of The Global Catastrophe Structure :

       I evaluated the work not by ideological fidelity, but by the emotional response that they caused me. Yet it’s immediately obvious how difficult it is to come up with something new. It is clear that the question of immortality goes hand in hand with the question of filling life with genuine value (and not illusory, through games). The task of a qualitative extension of development due to many of its new steps is far from trivial. And it is not separable from the task of achieving immortality.


    Yuri Nikitin

       Russian writer, author of the books “Transman”, “I live in this body”, “Passing through walls”, “I am a singular”, “Singmakers”, “2024” and others : The

       contestants only confirmed that the future is to kick the hooves and to write that everything will be bad is easy, but to say something positive is incredibly difficult. Therefore, those little things, where about the future with a negative look more lively and literary, and where everything is good and everyone sings - boring and uninteresting. Estimated and I hope that if the guys continue, they will learn to write better.


    Mikhail Batin

       Politician, founder of the public organization "For increasing life expectancy", deputy of the Kostroma Regional Duma : I

       must say, I was very disappointed with the work sent to the contest. “Everything will be bad, terrible and boring” - the main idea of ​​almost all authors. Only the_3d6 reacted unconditionally positively to a radical extension of life, but from an artistic point of view, the work clearly let us down. Since time is running out, I send estimates. And I myself ponder why people see the future in black colors. Maybe because your site is dominated by black?


    Denis Podolyak

       Editor-in-chief of the Mobile Computers magazine :

       “Since my time pressure continues (here it is, the problem, and by no means mortality of a person :)), and the topic is deep enough, interesting and relevant - yes, yes, I think that the topic immortality and other forced and deliberate metamorphoses of mankind need to be discussed today (as they say, before it is too late) - I decided to jot down thoughts that arose during reading the texts. Some of them are related to the work, and some have a fairly general, abstract character:

    1. Too much negativity, too much fear (“futures shock” in action?) I was pleased only with the “Egg”, with its unexpectedness and positivity at least form.
    2. Separately, I will note "Tales of the New Time", "Excerpts from the diary" and "Immortality - is that all you can do?" Perhaps because they are close to me in their feelings. Sadness (such a good sadness ... nostalgia?) For the past and at the same time the expectation of a serene future that depends entirely on you.
    3. A lot of things revolve around the ego, "I" and "I". But man is impossible without society ...
    4. There is no goal, no ideology. Why is immortality necessary? In order not to look around, crossing the street? Or for flying to distant stars?
    5. As long as humanity does not have a global, unifying, guiding goal, immortality will not help.
    6. Humanity, emotions, feelings - this cannot be with the immortals. Immortals are not people. Perhaps the gods, but nothing more.
    7. We have not yet figured out ourselves, but already we are starting to create a “new person”
    8. Immortality is a “trick”, a fake, only a visible effect. Long live the direct impact on space and time! "

       The only one we couldn’t get through to was Dmitry Glukhovsky , author of the post-apocalyptic novel Metro 2033 - we hope that he will keep us company again and again in future events.

        Congratulations to the winners and finalists - good work ! Everyone else - read, discuss, do not hesitate to take the initiative (in the same jubilee competition ) And yes, do not hesitate to connect to. blog company TrendClub Habré - because together we are strong;)

    Good luck!

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