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One of the most popular sections of Yandex.Market is product reviews. It is understandable, because before buying you always want to make sure that other users highly value the model you have chosen, that its price corresponds to the quality, all the characteristics that are important to you are high, and the disadvantages are insignificant.

But sometimes this invaluable information has to be collected from reviews bit by bit. For example, an advanced user of the “DSLR” wrote a whole professional review about it, but you are only interested in this text - whether it has a noisy matrix and whether the optical stabilizer works well. And such information needs to be obtained on several models!

For those who do not have time to painstakingly study reviews, we learned to extract facts about the product. Now by opening the product card (e.g. Canon EOS 450D) or the Reviews tab on it, you will see a short summary of its advantages and disadvantages:

For a fact about a product to fall into this selection, a sufficient number of users must mention it in the reviews.

Yandex.Market team, extract the main thing.

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