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For several weeks now, Yandex.Mail has successfully run Personal Spam Defense.
This means that when deciding on which folder to put the received letter - in "Spam" or in "Inbox" - in addition to general rules, personal ones are also applied. Rules are created automatically when you click on the buttons "This is spam" and "This is not spam."

After just a few complaints about unwanted emails, Spam Defense will begin to identify all spam like them as spam. At the same time, if the message you need is in the Spam folder, you just need to click the "This is not spam" button and such messages will always be sent to Inbox.

In this case, the rules will be personalized for each mailbox. That is, for example, if one mailing recipient considers the messages useful and the other unwanted, then the first they will come to Inbox, and the second to Spam. When the Personal Spam Defense decides to assign the message “spam” status to a letter, many parameters are taken into account. For example, the "karma" of the sender of the letter, which consists of, among other things, complaints from other users. Spam Defense can also understand that the owner of the mailbox complained about the letter accidentally (for example, accidentally clicked on the "This is spam" button or didn’t like this particular letter from the sender).

Already now we can say that the mechanism has proved its effectiveness - the necessary messages began to get into Spam two times less, and the number of spam complaints decreased by 20-30 percent (other data were published in the official Yandex.Mail blog ).

I must say that these buttons worked earlier, but in a slightly different way: complaints were taken into account and taken into account when developing rules for the entire Spam Defense, that is, they worked the same way for all users.

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