Linking a phone to an account in Yandex.Money

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Want to make it easier to recover your billing password? Link your mobile phone to an account in Yandex.Money.

After you indicate your phone number and confirm the link with a code from SMS, it will be much easier to recover a forgotten payment password.

If you forget your payment password, it will be enough for you to send a request for its recovery through the Yandex.Money website. After processing your request (it will take no more than one business day), we will send to the attached SMS number with a one-time code necessary to cancel the forgotten password and immediately establish a new one. 

Tell us about our service to the most forgetful of your friends. Phone Binding- This is a free Yandex.Money service that allowed us to significantly simplify the procedure for recovering a payment password without compromising security requirements.

Elena Truskova, already tied her phone number to the account.

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