A small report on the St. Petersburg RIF

    I want to briefly talk about the St. Petersburg RIF.

    First of all, I left the forum with 2 sensations, forgive me - I wanted a woman and food :-) First, because there were even more beautiful and good IT girls (especially Molinos annealed, although they didn’t count, because these girls could not I would discuss OOP and SEO with me), and 2nd, because there were so many interesting reports and people that there was just enough time to stand once a long line for coffee, but there was no time for food. I didn’t want to miss something interesting while chewing a bun.

    Molinosovye girls:
    Thanks for the photos of the girls kulhazker - www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2066931&id=1213936305&page=5 I only have it from my mobile phone. I won’t scare.

    I visited the following sections:
    • A1. Advertising market: display and contextual advertising - trends and effectiveness
    • IN 2. A site is a business that makes a profit
    • AT 3. Web studio management

    There is a double feeling from the first section - a friend from Infox-Interactive was so PR that I almost fell asleep, but was cheered up at the performance of Svetlana Pavlova from Molinos. It was interesting to listen to Igor Bukhanov from Subscribe - statistics on the development of e-mail newsletters was a small discovery for me - they are alive and will live!

    In the second section, it was interesting to listen to Oksana Bogomaz from NetCat. The report was dynamic and in some kind of native format. We need to pay more attention to this rich history CMS.

    The web studio management section is a section for our youngest viewers :-) The information was provided at the very entry level, but I liked the presentation format of Bunin (Ontiko), Tkachenko (Lenvendo Soft) and Saminsky (Business Council). By the end, the brain of people was diluted, it became somehow more informal and fun at the expense of creating a studio from Oksana Bogomaz from NetCat. I think it was informative for young or not yet created studios - it was demonstrated using simple numbers how changing a couple of parameters (employee salary, number of employees, number of projects, etc.) the final profit can unexpectedly change.

    In general, the last section seemed to me the most monolithic and conceptual. The information was, as I already said, a rather non-level level of importance (how to reduce costs, using a ready-made CMS for a beginner studio is more profitable than developing your own), but the speakers lit up the hall and hooked everyone.

    America, of course, no one discovered today, but it was interesting. As always, it’s a pity that you can’t visit several sections at once. I personally would like to visit another promotion section. What secrets did Ashmanov & Partners reveal? I will wait for the video.

    I also want to say about MegaPlan. In the last section I visited, their director spoke. The romantic-naive mood of Mikhail's report encouraged the audience and I liked it too, but we had doubts about purchasing this product for our company after I asked him a couple of questions in one break before that, and at the end of a short conversation we had a dialogue:

    - We think you should buy the maximum version. How much will it cost?
    - It will be expensive and why?
    - To install on your server. Confidentiality :-)

    In response, I was told something about the fact that if they wanted to access your information, they would leave the backdoors, and then his phone rang and the conversation was over. Well, they don’t want to sell ...

    Nevertheless, thanks to all the speakers and organizers!

    Tomorrow we go to the SPIK - I think it will be no worse, or even more interesting - good weather, Olgino and worthy speakers. See you!

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