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Once Yandex was a search engine only on the Internet, and for searching the world’s Internet we used foreign search engines (it’s convenient to click on the links at the bottom of Yandex’s search results). However, then foreign search engines began to add local results to world ones by default, which is why users who wanted a “pure foreign country” were unhappy.

There was no easy way to switch from global search to local and vice versa, and users need it. After all, everyone has their own tasks: someone wants to get only results from the world web, someone, on the contrary, perceives foreign results as garbage that needs to be removed.
Now on Yandex, in one click you can display either only foreign results, or, conversely, only local results. Conveniently!

In order to do this, Yandex needed to index all the major foreign sites and build a separate ranking for global search. Of course, this is the beginning of a long journey: the completeness, ranking and functionality of the service will be supplemented, today only the alpha version of the service is launched.

I will answer the most common questions that began to come up after the launch :

For whom did Yandex launch the global search?
For existing Yandex users from Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus, who can now find answers on Yandex both on the local and global Internet.

Does launching mean that Yandex will compete with global search engines?
Now is a platform for testing new world search algorithms, and not a service for an audience, for example, from Europe and America. In general, competition between search engines always occurs in the specific markets in which companies operate. For Yandex, today it is Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus. In these markets, Yandex, of course, competes with other search engines.

Will links to world search engines be removed at the bottom of the Yandex search results page?
Of course they will stay. It is very convenient, saves time. The number of users who click on these links is small, but even for a small audience it is worth giving this opportunity.

What are the prospects for the development of search on the world internet?
In the near future - significantly greater completeness, better ranking, adding multimedia results.


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