Summaries for the Lazy: Part Two

    This time from another director, as is customary in Hollywood! Reading time - two minutes!

    Siamka published the topic “Summaries for the Lazy” , which described how you can make your own font and print it on notebook sheets, and thus outsmart a non-advanced teacher. Great idea, many liked it, several people asked for a tool.

    About the idea

    I must say right away, Siamka submitted the idea, we did not ask permission to use it, and our conscience torments us a little! But it’s better to ask for forgiveness than not!

    Service itself
    Service where you can insert text, select a font, size, color, pay and download a print-ready PDF. The principle is still the same as in the last series - we made the font from this handwriting, the only thing we did ourselves was a small website that generates PDF and launched the VKontakte group . Now is just the session, it may come in handy.

    Of course, there is a demo (link at the bottom of the site) and two pages a day for free!

    About the group

    This is our first mini project, made for the sake of experience, trial and error. So, about one mistake. Having created a VKontakte group, we spent 3,000 rubles. to contextual advertising aimed at students of large cities. It looked something like this:


    3000 rubles, the result - 208 people invited to the group. Drop dead :(
    We decided to go by other methods, paid 1,500 people involved in the promotion of groups - and in the group 5,000 people. Another 100 rubles to another girl - and another 3,500 to the group. More effective, it seems :)
    This is such a little experience, it will suddenly help someone !

    Everything, I don’t take away more time, there’s a big queue in “I am PR”! :)

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