YouTube's fifth anniversary: ​​two billion views per day. And this is not the limit!

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YouTube Team

Five years ago, in May 2005, after many months of sleepless nights, continuous testing and preparation, the YouTube founders launched the first beta of The mission of the project was simple: to give everyone the opportunity to easily upload their videos and share them with the world. Whether you are a novice director, politician or a happy parent, YouTube is the place where you can make yourself known.

Over time, the ideas of the creators of YouTube have formed a vibrant creative community around them. Thanks to this community, a completely new environment was created for communication and information exchange. Today, we are pleased to announce that YouTube has taken a new frontier - two billion views daily!

The site, originally used to distribute viral videos and to express amateur bloggers, has become a powerful platform that supports 3D and high-definition video. Now YouTube is broadcasting live sporting events in more than two hundred countries of the world, it is hosting news, documentary footage of important events, and the heads of state have their own channels on YouTube.

Today, to celebrate the anniversary, we launched the YouTube channel 5 Year - .

On the channel, you can see videos from the My YouTube Story project, where different people from around the world will talk about how YouTube has changed their lives. Do not forget to add your story! To upload your video, click on the “Send us your story” button. Your video can be selected to be placed on a wall or channel map.

On the channel in the section “How it was” you will also find an interactive chronological scale that reflects the most important events and memes in our short, but rich, history. We understand that this is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the total number of amazing things that have appeared on YouTube over the years.

When it all started, we could not even imagine what YouTube would become in five years. It is even more difficult to imagine what will happen next. In the end, video revolution is just beginning!

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