HTML5 video

    Our programmer Aleksey Kharkov ( oleksiykharkov ) today finished work on providing the ability to view VKontakte videos using HTML5 - this is exactly what the habrausers wrote so much in the comments on previous posts.

    Due to the fact that we encode our videos in H.264 format, viewing videos using an HTML5 player is currently only possible in the Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Opera and Firefox do not currently support this format.

    Now the video “VK” is viewed from devices such as iPhone (with OS version higher than third) and iPad. The format applies to all new videos, including those uploaded in the past week. Over time, we will also transfer the old video to this format - it is immediately impossible to process such a huge array of data.

    Especially for the owners of such devices, we organized a temporary search parameter - iPhone / iPad.

    video sample

    Together with this, we added the ability to export the player to external sites. Insertion of videos is carried out through the IFrame, that is, you can watch our videos through the iPhone and iPad on other sites. However, not all Runet services are allowed to embed IFrames. For example, it was not possible to export videos to Livejournal and Habrahabr. The head of Livejournal told us that their company will support this standard in the future or we will reach an individual agreement with them and will make an exception for our videos.

    From today, VKontakte users can also attach internal media content (photos, videos and music) to their personal messages - you probably already noticed this. And the maximum video quality is now increased to 720p.

    Errors are likely, but we will follow the comments.

    Happy viewing!

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