Pidgin 2.7.0 released

    A cross-platform instant messaging client release has been released. Of the new features, the most noticeable ones are:

    - the combination of Ctrl + Shift + V to “Paste as plain text” in the conversation windows, before Pidgin optimized the copied text (tabs were removed, new line breaks ...).
    - fixed bug where it was impossible to connect to Facebook.
    - fixed an encoding error with the Cyrillic alphabet in the authorization request.
    - Improved error handling when connecting to Facebook.
    - [ICQ] X-Status support.
    - [ICQ] it is now possible to put an image on an icon from 1x1 to 100x100 (previously there were only 48x48 and 52x64 options).
    - [ICQ] support for sending and receiving HTML messages.
    - A new application for working with history - Finch (CTRL + R combination is used to call).
    - as well as 89 errors fixed.

    All innovations can be viewed in ChangeLog .

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