Amnesty in Yandex.Money and Alfabank

    In continuation of my post on the Yandex.Money hub I love if you know whether to use modern payment systems, WebMoney mainly, but I also use Yandex.Money.
    And since Yandex.Money is remarkably withdrawn to the account of Alfa Bank, I am also a client of Alfa Bank (well, I also like the name of the bank).

    And then, on March 10, having discovered that a transfer from Yandex.Money cannot be done, I turned to Yandex.Money technical support, receiving an answer:
    The expense transactions in your account are temporarily suspended. Please wait for the results of the examination.
    For further examination, your request has been submitted to the responsible officer of the
    security service and financial monitoring.

    The term for consideration of the application is 20 business days from the date of its receipt.
    Fuck as they say to you, goldfish, check. But verification requires a notarized statement, and this is 700 rubles (signature verification), where, by the way, are other prices in Novosib? They say 200p should be. I assured the application sent by email, sent it by registered mail and took a wait and see attitude (well, in the sense of support, I’ll pull it more than once a week).
    April 28 comes a letter:
    Account transactions on account 41001 *********** are open.

    In early April, I find that the alpha-click (the alpha-bank web interface for operations with the account) is not available.

    Slightly in misunderstanding about the reasons (the alpha-click was used exclusively for withdrawing Yandex.Money and creating a virtual card and paying from it to a couple of reliable stores) I call Alfa-Bank technical support.

    Those say: " Alfaclik is blocked for fraud through the Internet system, wait 45 days - the time period for considering this fact ."
    I say: “And what exactly is the question of the Security Council or to someone there?” Ready to report on each transaction. ”

    The bank does not need anything, there are probably telepaths. Offended at this place strongly on alpha bank, in particular for irrationality. If you already suspect fraud, block the account and the money on it, otherwise I can use all the services except to see my balance via the Internet and issue a virtual card via the Internet. Having kicked the table for a couple of days, I call Alfabank technical support and leave a complaint. The claim has been considered not for 45 days, but for 7 (as they later said 10 and as they said 10 it is minimal). In general, today, calling to remind that 10 days have passed, the girl said that the claim has been considered and I am an honest and decent person, and I have been unlocked with an alfaclick. It's funny that they refused to give me the reason for the blocking and therefore my dumb question: “what to do in the future so that they block me again, in order to remember this body movement and not allow it in the future, ”remained unanswered. But after a 10-minute chime with experts, they said that most likely the bank’s security service reacted to a statement from Yandex.Money that they suspect me of something there.

    Philosophical questions, of course, are as follows:
    1) if alpha bank “listens” to Yandex.Money when it is necessary to block, then why does “not listen” Yandex.Money to unlock?
    2) why does not alfabank block an account if it suspects fraud?
    3) Why are the deadlines for considering claims different and not agreed upon?
    Well and yes, it’s nice to be honest, but it’s uninteresting to prove honesty to the impartial support services.

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