The next meeting of the Moscow MySQL User Group will be held on May 17 at 19:30 m.

    imageThere is an idea to hold the next meeting of the Moscow MySQL User Group on May 17 (Mon) in the area of ​​VDNH metro station at 19:30 - informal communication and conversations ... MySQL and what awaits us all in the
    future :-)

    Participation is traditionally free.
    Registration in the topic Indicate the

    full name, company, when you can come ... meeting until 22:00

    Recording of the meeting until 15 May 12:00

    Leading the meeting - Kostya Osipov (Team Lead, Server Runtime, MySQL)

    Guests of the meeting ... I hope they are not completely tortured at DEVCONF 2010 ;-)

    Michael Widenius Co-Founder of MySQL AB
    Author of the MySQL Server and MariaDB fork

    Sergey Petrunya ( works at Monty Program
    Ab and is one of the developers of MariaDB. His previous
    job was MySQL Ab, where he worked on the query optimizer and encoded
    such optimizations as index_merge, partition pruning others.

    Alik Rubin, MySQL, Norway
    Ready to discuss (MySQL replication, MySQL cluster, DRBD / HeartBeat / MySQL, Shared Disk)

    See you at MMUG!

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