CWI: New Graphics and Super Processors, Quiz and Civilization V

    Attention, attention, from May 14 to 16 in the Moscow Cosmos Hotel, which is at VDNH, the next industry Game Developers Conference will be held! If you are developing games for desktop computers and mobile devices, then it is absolutely impossible to miss it: just below, the familiar Nikonov and his friend Alexander Novopashin will help you figure out why. Intel engineers will hold seven sessions in which they will share information from the first Intel hands. The engineer of the company Victoria Zhislina says : The SIMDsons report will talk about the future - I will tell you about the new, 12th version of the Intel compiler, which is only coming. This is an extremely interesting topic - how to optimize your applications without much straining?


    My second session is about Intel integrated graphics; It's always interesting to talk about iron, because this is a thing in itself, and visitors have a chance to ask me any burning questions. At this KRI, we will talk about our new Intel HD Graphics adapter, which allows you to watch high-definition video and accelerate something in it hardware.

    A substantial part of the reports will concern the new MeeGo mobile platform, because MeeGo will be used as the base platform for set-top boxes, portable Internet devices, built-in car electronics, and so on. Vadim Sukhomlinov will hold a seminar on developing applications for mobile devices based on the Intel Atom platform: graphics, social networks, power consumption and various non-standard use of gadgets:

    Just imagine, a person is driving in a car, sees an electronic sign that says “send SMS and download a new movie”, sends SMS, and the mobile operator understands that this is the same subscriber who is connected to the broadband Internet at home, where he has a set-top box based on the Intel platform, which pre-downloads this film in high resolution. Then the user arrives home, takes an Intel Atom-based tablet and puts it in his kitchen, like a photo frame, and then quietly dines and watches a movie that has already been downloaded and is transmitted wirelessly directly from the set-top box.

    Philip Gerasimov will present the highlight of the program, Intel Graphics Performance Analyzer 3.0:

    Our main presentations will talk about the new version of the GPA and how leading developers use this product to optimize their applications. In the new version, a tool appears that is not even intended to optimize the graphic parts of the application, but to optimize the multi-threaded algorithm on the central processor. This is a fairly revolutionary product that visualizes the work of threads across all processor cores and makes it very convenient to consider how parallel your application is and where you can increase parallelization. In addition, we have real stories, including our developers, which we would like to talk about - how this product really helped speed up the work of already released games. One of our leading partners is the well-known company GSC Game World, the developers of Stalker,

    As you can see, unquestioned authorities such as Firaxis and GSC Game World use the GPA - it’s absolutely impossible to miss these sessions with Intel engineers! But that's not all!

    A specially trained team of TopMods modders at the Intel booth will demonstrate a specialized version of the machine based on the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition and hold a fun quiz. Also at the booth will be the Asus Republic of Gamers laptop equipped with the latest six-core Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 980x processor and fully ready for reproducing three-dimensional images. Explains Vlad Nikonov:

    Core i7 EE processors are inserted into the 1366 socket, which is supported by the most top-end Intel X58 chipset. This is practically the only chipset that allows for the operation of two video cards in PCI-E X16 mode each. In addition, it allows you to simultaneously connect both two ATI Radeon video cards using Crossfire technology, and two NVIDIA video cards using SLI technology.

    But that is not all! Of course, Intel booths are waiting for gifts, quizzes and prizes! Follow us on twitter and , where we will talk in real time about what is happening at the Cosmos hotel, as well as participate in a quiz and possibly a netbook provided by Asus partner, a gaming mouse or a Razer gaming mat will be yours :)

    prize to the winner of the quiz

    Total: fantastic sessions from the very bowels of Intel and the lips of beautiful young ladies-engineers, overclocking of the latest processors, souvenirs and new useful acquaintances!

    The post was written by Chipman, a permanent resident of Intel Galaxy, especially for habrahabr :) And I personally, I will be glad to answer questions and meet with you at CWI. Come - it will be great!

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